Our goal is to take up the challenge to

“Help the poorest of the poor

gain dignity through self sufficiency.”

Those of us who benefited from a wonderful up-bringing in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe may desire to help these “poorest of the poor”.

We assist some of the most challenged groups of people, leprosy sufferers, physically handicapped children and adults, orphans and destitute women.

Self reliance is their hope and their future. Handouts are not the long term answer. They realise this and so must we.We take up the challenge so that the Zimbabwe people can take up their own challenge of self reliance.

It is vitally important that donors and potential donors are reassured that the money donated goes to the intended recipient. Zimbabwe Challenge is committed to ensuring that the funds and materials received reach the intended recipients, and has established risk management procedures in Zimbabwe to achieve this. Photographic evidence and receipts are provided.

Please see the ‘Accountability’ section under the page “About“.

Together, we can make a difference.

“A hand up, not a hand out.”


Zimbabwe Challenge is a Self Sufficiency Project Based charity.

What does this mean?

  • We consult with those we help on the best way for them to become self sufficient.
  • We then decide on the Project we believe we can help with and which has the best chance of success.
  • Next we conduct a feasibility study and research detailed costings on the Project.
  • Extensive consultation is done with everyone involved.
  • Once we are satisfied that the Project is feasible and will help the charity/group become self sufficient, we present it to our supporters for their help.