About Zimbabwe Challenge


Zimbabwe Challenge consists of:

  • Zimbabwe Challenge Charity based in Australia
  • Our Team in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Challenge is a Self Sufficiency Project Based charity.

What does this mean? 

It means we establish projects that will help charities and groups of  poor people become self sufficient

 We do not assist individuals on their own.

We do NOT hand out cash.

We currently (2015 – 2016) have 2 self sufficiency Projects:-

Please see the individual pages for more details on each project.


This is our MAJOR project.

The aim of the project is to generate sufficient money so that the profits will be used by the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre to educate and look after the 167 profoundly disabled kids there.

We will be establishing a small farm. We will start with buying and selling heifers to the local rural community. Our CEO in Zimbabwe states, “Cattle have always been the African bank for most rural areas for their kids’ school fees, hospital bills and lobloa.”


 This Project is to build another Piggery at the Leprosy Centre.

We have already built a piggery and  another 450 laying hens Hen House at Mutemwa.

This additional Piggery will make the pig production more viable.

This should be completed in early 2017.





This Project helps destitute women start up their own micro business, so that they may become self sufficient.

This project is currently suspended and we are considering supporting Foundations for Farming

We have provided one group of 10 women with 50 hand held solar lights to sell. The money from the sales is used by the women as capital to start or develop their own business.

They are provided with training in household budgeting and basic bookkeeping and business skills.



What is the process?

  • We consult with those we help on the best way for them to become self sufficient, asking them for their ideas.
  • We then decide on the Project we believe we can help with and which has the best chance of success.
  • Next we conduct a feasibility study and research detailed costings on the Project.
  • Extensive consultation is done with everyone involved.
  • Once we are satisfied that the Project is feasible and will help the charity/group become self sufficient, we present it to our supporters for their help.
  • Once we have sufficient funds we send it to our team in Zimbabwe who are responsible for starting and supervising the project.
  • The team send us receipts, documents and photographs confirming the correct expenditure of the funds.