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NEW SELF- SUFFICIENCY PROJECT – Jairos Jiri Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

Establish a small farm that will be self supporting, and the profits will used to support the Centre with items such as industrial washing machines and cookers, medicines, clothing, maintenance of buildings and so on. 

We are planning to start this in July 2017. Can YOU help?


Destitute Women – PROJECT – Foundations for Farming/Farming God’s Way.

To help destitute widows to grow enough food to feed their families with a little left over for school fees, uniforms, medicines etc. We are planning to start this in July 2017 – can YOU help?

“You Light up my Life”

Project on hold because of the cash shortage in Zimbabwe makes it difficult for new businesses.

Assisting destitute women gain dignity and self sufficiency                                                      by running their own micro business.

  • We provide hand held solar lights for the women to sell. This gives them the capital to start their own micro business e.g. sewing, chickens, peanut butter, market gardening
  • The women are trained in home budgeting, business principles, marketing, bookkeeping, business budgeting.
  • This gives them the skills and self confidence to succeed.
  • 10% of their profits have to be provided for the next group of women
  • They receive ongoing mentoring and encouragement.

This project has started! It is being conducted by two successful businesswomen, who are also widows. 10 widows have been identified and selected, and are very enthusiastic! Their training starts in January 2014.


Scroll down the page to see some examples of how we have helped.

Our major goal is to provide assistance for these groups of people to become self-sufficient and achieve their potential.


COMPLETED Project for Self Sufficiency!

2014 – Chicken Run Extension for 450 Laying chickens
Our second project to help Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre become Self Sufficient is now complete! This will allow an extra 400 birds.

The official opening was January 2014.

   Jean doing her version of the ‘Chicken Dance’ at the new Hen House during our visit in October 2013!


  • Increased income from selling the eggs.
  • A valuable food source for the patients.
  • Saving money by no longer having to buy eggs.
  • Cash supply will enable the completion of smaller projects.
  • Employment for some of the residents.
  • Supply of manure for the garden project.

COMPLETED Self Sufficiency project – Piggery

As an example of Self Sufficiency, we provided funding for the establishment of a piggery at the Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre. This was completed in 2013. See our Facebook page for photos of the Official Opening, complete with red ribbon and cake! So, we can make a difference.

Tim & Jean with piglets during their visit in October 2013

Mutemwa Second piggery funded by Zimbabwe Challenge. Building started in 2016 and was completed in 2017. There are 23 newly born piggies and 21 porkers who were excited to move into their new home!

This will:

  • Provide meat for the patients, thereby saving money previously used to buy meat.
  • Provide an income from the sale of meat and pigs.
  • Provide a therapeutic activity for those able to work.
  • Increase the patients’ self esteem and confidence.


We provided one term’s worth, $1500, of medicines and medical equipment to the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre. When we had visited them their medicine cupboard was empty, for 125 disabled children!

Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

Bibles, Blankets and Cleaning Material

We were able to provide over 300 bibles, blankets and cleaning material to each of the 3 charities.

Children With Blankets



Funds are required to meet the further potential for identified rural projects, micro-businesses loans and prosthesis to help the poor gain independence, self confidence, self esteem and dignity. Zimbabwe Challenge has been created for this sole purpose and to provide a channel for the passion aroused.

Orphans receiving bibles, blankets, cleaning


Leprosy sufferers with bibles, blankets










Jairos Jiri Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

This centre cares for about 167 physically handicapped children, or as they so delightfully put in “differently abled!”

Jairos Jiri Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre

This centre cares for about 65 leprosy sufferers and disabled destitute adults.

Children’s Orphanages

For example, Mother of Peace HIV/AIDS orphanage caring for some 140 orphans.

Destitute Women

Rural and urban women who look after their families by operating a micro business.

Map of Zimbabwe