Jairos Jiri Centre

Harare, Zimbabwe – Children’s Rehabilitation Centre.

Registered Charity No W.O. 328/68

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To provide quality rehabilitation and education services to physically handicapped children between the ages of six to sixteen. That they may gain dignity and respect, and be able to take their rightful place in society.


The Children’s centre was established in 1963 as part of the Jairos Jiri Association founded in 1950 by the late Mr. Jairos Jiri MBE.


The facilities are based on the Christian principles of charity, patience and non-judgmental tolerance. Values include transparency, integrity, commitment, team spirit, empathy, accountability and promptness.

The Centre is managed by the Headmaster and Committee.

Tim, Secretary, Headmaster, Committee member

Services Provided

Primary School

Academic tuition for grades 1-7. Secondary school grades are gradually being introduced each year.

There are approximately 167 disabled or “differently abled’ children currently attending the centre.


Providing boarding facilities to the children who come from all over Zimbabwe.
Caring for the personal needs of the children.


The clinic attends to the medical needs of the children during the term.


The centre prepares and provides food for the children.


Trained physiotherapists teach and assist the children in physical rehabilitation activities and exercises.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists train the children in the daily living activities such as toileting, bathing, grooming and cooking in a rural environment.


Due to economic difficulties, the self sufficiency program has declined and the donor community shrunk. The center receives NO government support.

  • Salaries are very low compared to the outside community and are in arrears.
  • School needs equipment, textbooks, computers and exercise books $50.
  • Kitchen and laundry equipment needs replacing.
  • Clinic needs medical supplies, minimum $560 per term.
  • School uniforms $20.
  • Corrective surgery.
  • Wheelchair repairs.
  • Basic food supplies, blankets $8, linen $8.