Destitute Women

Self-Sufficiency Project – Foundations for Farming/Farming God’s Way

Weeding the maize

Destitute Women self-sufficiency 

Regretfully we have had to postpone this project until 2018 as the training had to be completed before the rains came in November, and Fr. Thomas was not able to fit this in amongst his other activities. We have to be careful not to load Fr. Thomas with too much as we cannot afford to employ someone.  Thank you Lord.

With the current economic climate in Zimbabwe we feel the best way we can help destitute women to self-sufficiency is to assist them through Foundations for Farming/Farming God’s Way. This wonderful scheme shows how one woman can produce enough maize to feed her family for a year with some left over for items such as uniforms and school fees.

Training at Foundations for Farming

US$50 will set up one women with training, seed, fertilizer, and implements.

Foundations for Farming is an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals through faithful and productive use of land.

God has revealed a very simple conservation farming method which when applied help bring people to apply the Gospel to their lives.

On a small scale all work is manual and requires nothing more technical than a hoe. Typically a destitute woman will be able to grow sufficient food to:

  • Feed her family
  • Sell surplus to help buy next year’s inputs
  • Sell and make a profit and pay for other living expenses
  • Give to others


Self-Sufficiency Micro Business Project

This project is currently suspended because of the economic situation in Zimbabwe

How does it work?

  • We give 50 hand held solar lights to poor but motivated women to sell.
  • They give 10% of the sales to the fund for the next group of destitute women.
  • They use the balance to start or develop their own small business.
  • We provide household budgeting and simple business training tailored to individual businesses and circumstances.
  • We provide ongoing mentoring to the women.

Please have a look at the page “Completed Projects”.

The widows receiving their solar lights and Training Certificates

The businesses cover a range of ideas; it can be a market stall selling fruit and vegetables, a sewing service, dress making, providing meals, hairdressing, raising chickens or cattle, or whatever the woman decides.

 Chicken and Egg Micro Business

The women are organized into groups and meet monthly so they can help and motivate each other.

The woman use the profits on health, education, food for their dependents, often children and orphans.

Some of the benefits of the small businesses:

  • Encourages independence, not dependence.
  • Greater sense of self worth.
  • Increases skills.
  • Better standing within the community and amongst men.
  • Better health and education for the family.
  • Self sufficiency for the women.
  • Self sufficiency for the loan scheme.
  • Local people employed.