Projects completed

Zimbabwe Challenge is committed to SELF SUFFICIENCY projects.

We want the poorest of the poor to gain dignity through self sufficiency. That is what they want too!

Jesus said, “…whenever you did this for one of the least important…you did it for me.” Matt 25:40

We have completed 3 Self Sufficiency projects for Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre, and one Micro Business course for Destitute Women.

When we asked how we could help Mutemwa become self sufficient they came up with a Piggery and a Laying Hen House.


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First Piggery

This was completed in 2013. It contains 5 sows and one boar, nicknamed “Sir Oinksalot!”

How we raised the $6000 needed.

Our President came up with an “Adopt a Pig with Naming Rights” campaign! This idea was enthusiastically embraced by our friends, family, work colleagues at Mrwed, church and community.

Progress Reports and Photos

  • A special bank account was set up in Mutoko, tenders called and a contractor chosen.
  • We were sent progress reports and photos which reassured our supporters that the project was happening!


The Piggery was officially opened by the District Administrator. There was a red ribbon and a special cake and much joy! Tim and Jean visited in 2014 and met some little piglets. Thank you Lord!



This was completed in 2014.

The Leprosy and Care Centre had one old hen house and needed another to help towards self sufficiency. The same procedure was followed as we did for the piggery.


We were blessed to there for the opening with Jean cutting the ribbon! There was a cake, many speeches and much singing and dancing – a joyous occasion!

One more Hen House is required for this project to become completely self-sufficient. It will cost US$6000.

Thank you Lord!

3rd Self-sufficiency project for Mutemwa.

STOP PRESS!! the new piggery at Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre is finished. WhooHoo.
Zimbabwe Challenge, with your help, has now completed 3 self-sufficiency projects to help 45 leprosy sufferers and disabled adults – 2 piggeries and 1 hen house for 450 layers.

Now the second piggery is finished the pigs and piglets “are enjoying space and fellowship” as Fr. Thomas so delightfully puts it!

I received this report, “I have to tell you also that the pigs have been a saving grace to help with income, because they are selling them locally and getting an income, despite everything, so all is not lost.”

It is wonderful how small things can make a difference; a $5 donation here, a $10 donation there, and in no time at all there is enough for a new piggery! Heartfelt thanks to all of you for your generous support. Thank you Lord

Mutemwa is suffering along with everyone else in the difficult times. Even sourcing medicines for the patients is hard. We are blessed to be able to help.
Heavy rain delayed the completion of the new piggery. This was a blessing for the Centre’s maize and vegetable garden.

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Foundations of the 2nd piggery 2016

Construction started in 2016 on a second piggery. There was some delay as the contractor was not building to the approved plans. We also had some welcome advice from ”Veterinarians for Animal Welfare”. This project was completed May 2017.

(You can see our first piggery top left)



We have helped 10 destitute women (9 of them widows and some grandmas) start up their own businesses.

Called “You Light Up my Life”, this project helps poor women start their own micro business so they can feed, clothe and care for their dependents.

  • Each woman is given 50 hand held solar lights to sell in their local community.
  • They give back 10% of the sales (about US$10) to the next group of poor women.
  • They use the balance to start or develop their own micro business so they can become self sufficient, about US$450.
  • They meet monthly to help and encourage each other.
  • They receive training in household budgeting and micro business management.
  • This training enhances their chance of success and boosts their self esteem - “Yes, I can do this!” 
  • They get a Certificate once they have completed the training. 

2 widows with solar lights            Presentation of training certificates  Much praise and singing!


One light costs $12. 

500 lights costing $6000 will put smiles on the faces of the next 10 destitute women.

(There is no social security in Zimbabwe and unemployment is at 85% and rising.)

RESULTS - 9 out of the 10 women started their business but not all have continued as the dire cash shortage in Zimbabwe has affected the success of the businesses. Those who chose businesses related to the supply of food were the most successful.

2 years down the track and 6 destitute women are still running their businesses. 1 woman used the money from the sale of the lights to pay for training and is now employed as a teacher’s aid – a good result considering unemployment is around 90%. 1 elderly woman could not continue because of poor health. 2 women are no longer operating their business.

Mercia grows the feed for the rabbits

Mercia’s business is rearing rabbits for sale. It is very successful with demand outstripping supply as there are 70 Chinese working on a nearby dam who love eating rabbits.





Raising chickens to support her family


This widow is raising chickens for sale to help feed her children and provide income for school fees, medicines and nutritional food.




Beautiful quilts but no market for them!


One widow makes lovely quilts and cushion covers but cannot sell them as people do not have money for ‘luxuries’.


We have suspended this program with the current economic climate in Zimbabwe.


Destitute women caring for orphans

We have been supporting a group of destitute women who care for 37 orphans. In 2014 we gave them each a blanket.

Orphan carrying her cooking pots

Tim was blessed to be present in 2015 when we presented them with 2 cooking pots each. there was much singing and ululating!

Lots a Pots!

Tim with orphans