Mutemwa Leprosy & Care Centre

Mutoko, Zimbabwe – Situated 150 kms from Harare.

Registered Charity

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To provide a loving home and daily care, both Physical and Medical to:

  • Recovering Leprosy Patients
  • Physically Challenged Patients
  • And the Destitute


Mutemwa was established in the mid 1930s as a leprosy settlement and during the next two decades it cared for up to one thousand patients.


The village cares for 45 patients and 19 staff. The patients are made up of recovering leprosy patients and physically handicapped, destitute people. It was managed by Mrs Marge Chikwanda and is currently managed by the Franciscans.

Franciscan with Tim

Services Provided


The clinic has 6 beds for serious cases.

Clinic Hostels

There are four clinic hostels with 4 beds for 16 patients who are unable to look after themselves.

Two Roomed Houses

Several two-roomed houses provide homes for 44 patients and their families.


The centre prepares and provides food for the patients.


The centre undertakes laundry for the patients.

The story of John Bradburne

John Bradburne was born in 1921, the son of an Anglican clergyman. After leaving school he joined the army is 1939, and served in Malaya and Burma as an officer with the Gurkhas and Chindits, before being invalided home.

He became a lay member of the Third Order of the Franciscans. From 1964 he served the Mutemwa Leper colony, living in a prefab tin hut, lacking water and sanitation.

During the Zimbabwe civil war he refused to leave for a place of safety. He was abducted and, on Wednesday 5 September 1979 he was shot.


Due to economic difficulties, the self sufficiency program has declined and the donor community shrunk. The Center receives NO government funding and relies on local and overseas supporters.

  • Monthly expenditure is $10,700. Monthly secured income is $3000
  • Salaries are very low compared to the outside community and are in arrears.
  • Irrigation equipment needed for self sufficiency project – pump and pipes to connect to borehole $2000..
  • Patients medical and pharmacy needs.
  • Corrective surgery
  • Basic food supplies, blankets $10, linen $8.